A variety of blended indian spices grown in the spice-friendly environment of the vast expanses of the tropical rain forests and natural good soils, make India 'the spice bowl of the world'.
As a provider of world-class spices and indian cooking masala, we understand the need for cultivating spices as per the highest standards of quality and regulatory requirements.
SUNRISE Spices has a state-of-the-art factory at Nofri, near Agra, Uttar Pradesh that is technologically one of the best in the country.

Product Range
Powdered Spices Generic / Pure Powdered Spices | Speciality Powdered Blend Spices (Indian Attraction) | Speciality Powdered Blend Spices (International Attraction)
Whole / Basic Spices Generic Whole Spices | Organic Cultivation
Papad / Pappadums Mustard Oil Recipes