Chaat Masala

Chaat Masala

Available Packs

Sachet, 10gm, 14gm (Box), 50gm (Box), 100gm (Box)

Know your blend:

  • A food that hits almost all culinary bliss points, yet is almost impossible to describe.
  • Not a single dish, but a category of astonishing range and complexity.
  • One of the very few universals in India, though every region – and every cook – has their own take on it.

What else can we be talking about but chaat?

Salty and sweet, crunchy and creamy, saucy and tangy. With a kick of spice and a blast of funk, chaat is one of the boldest and yet, most comforting categories to have originated in the Indian subcontinent.

Very simply put, chaat is carb salad - with a base of fried crackers, boiled potatoes, chickpeas, samosas, puffed rice, or some combination, topped most often with the holy trinity of Indian sauces - tangy yogurt, fruity-sweet tamarind chutney, and a punchy mint-chilli green sauce, topped off with anything from minced raw onion.

But the proof of the pudding, or rather, the chutzpah of the chaat, is in the final flourish - chaat masala. This is a spice mix with kick that can make or break your chaat. Make sure yours is a hit rather than a miss with our special Chaat Masala.

The SUNRISE advantage

Our exquisitely balanced ratio of amchur, cumin, and black salt with a surprise twist of aniseed.

Quick Nutrition Facts

Parameters 39.47 g
Carbohydrate 74.40 g
Calcium 207.5 mg
Cholesterol < 1 mg
Crude Fibre 4.73 g
Energy 386.92 Kcal
Fat 6.48 g