Posto Powder

Posto Powder

Available Packs

40gm (Pouch)

Know your spice:

  • Known across civilisations since antiquity as a mild sedative.
  • Used across cuisines to add crunch to crusty baked items, creamy nuttiness to fillings and taste and texture to sauces and curries.
  • In Bengal, this seed paste is had raw, is added to vegetables and also often made into fried patties.

Posto or poppy seeds are one of the more expensive ingredients to be found in an Indian kitchen. In North India, this is used mostly as a thickener for Mughlai dishes like korma and is often optional. But, in Bengal, this is a kitchen staple.

So next time you want to try the Bengali kancha posto bata, or want to serve up that most comforting of comfort foods, aalu posto, reach for the wholesome goodness of our Posto Powder.

Quick Nutrition Facts

Carbohydrate 29.53 g
Protein 18.02 g
Sugar Nil
Energy 578.73 KCal
Fat 43.17 g