Raita Masala

Raita Masala

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50gm (Box)

Know your blend:

  • A classic Indian side, with a huge range of regional variations.
  • The perfect partner for biryanis, pulaos and kababs.
  • A herbed sauce with a creamy yoghurt base, often packed with the goodness of vegetables and fruits.

Raita, That cooling condiment that's often good enough to be counted as a side dish or even a main.

Though simple enough to make, this dish often runs the risk of becoming a little too bland as the light yoghurt base and the raw vegetables do not have the zing that is usually a must for Indian palates.

Our Raita Masala, made with generous amounts of mint leaves, is guaranteed to add that zing, without compromising the basic subtlety of the dish.

The SUNRISE advantage

Ingredients especially chosen for their heat-busting abilities makes our product a cool winner in summers.