Sabji Masala

Sabji Masala

Available Packs

Sachet, 50gm (Box), 100gm (Box)

Know your blend:

  • A special guest coming home for dinner and you have just 15 minutes to throw together something?
  • Measured everything out exactly according to the recipe and yet it doesn't tingle the tastebuds?
  • Or, just want to cook something and that one ingredient is missing?

Worry not, Our Sabji Masala powder is waiting to come to the rescue.

A pinch of this, and your vegetable dish will go stir-crazy with excitement.

The spices that have been blended in perfect proportion to create this are coriander seeds, cumin, red chilli and turmeric added to green cardamom, cinnamon and clove, with an unexpected dash of nutmeg.

The SUNRISE advantage

An inspired blend that tops off the usual spices with one unusual ingredient, this taste enhancer is well worth the price.