Sambar Masala

Available Packs

Sachet, 50g, 100g

Know your blend:

  • A lentil curry synonymous with the southern states of India.
  • The indispensable accompaniment to all the delicious South Indian 'tiffin' items such as dosas, idlis, uttapams and vadas.
  • A complex dish with an array of spices working together to give it that distinctive sour-hot flavour profile.

Any doubts that it is Sambar we are talking of?

If the intricate, complex flavours of sambar intimidate you, fear no longer. Our Sambar masala will have you cooking up a sultry sambar in no time and will have your guests wondering if you have a South Indian grandmother somewhere in your family tree.

The SUNRISE advantage

Our state-of-the-art packaging that ensures the distinctive, freshly-ground flavour that is essential for an authentic sambar.