Shahi Garam Masala

Shahi Garam Masala

Available Packs

Sachet, 25gm (Box), 50gm (Box)

Know your blend:

  • A richly aromatic, yet delicate spice blend.
  • An aroma that is redolent of special occasions, celebrations, and home.
  • Flavours that evoke memories of food simmering in kitchens, waiting to be served to that special guest.

A complex garam masala blend, this incorporates cloves, bay leaf, cardamom, cinnamon, mace and nutmeg.

This is a blend known for its subtleness and delicacy and is specially suited to the lighter, slightly sweeter cuisine of West Bengal and other eastern states.

If you are missing your grandmother’s dhokar dalna, or want to recreate your Bengali friend’s delicious chhanar dalna or cottage cheese curry, try your hand at it yourself with a pinch of our Shahi Garam Masala. You are sure to give them some serious competition.

The SUNRISE advantage

This blend is purely Bengali - with ingredients that Bengalis have been using since ages. Slight additions of a few non-traditional ingredients give it that extra aroma.

Quick Nutrition Facts

Carbohydrate 46.98 g
Calcium 43.21 mg
Cholesterol < 1 mg
Crude Fibre 23.27 g
Energy 279.58 Kcal
Fat 5.69 g