Tadka Masala

Tadka Masala

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Sachet, 50gm (Box)

Know your blend:

  • The dish that is as much a staple of dhabas as of five-star restaurants.
  • Smooth and creamy yellow, hearty green or rich black, tempered with smoky spices and garnished with fried onions, this dish arouses the senses, warms the heart and satiates the soul.
  • A dish that deserves scores of books devoted only to it.

Dal tadka. Boiled, mashed lentils spiced up with fried aromatics such as onions, ginger and garlic.

A staple in north Indian meals and a favourite across the country.

The proportions of our Tadka Masala have been laboriously perfected to help make dal tadka as simple as sprinkle-mix-eat.

The SUNRISE advantage

It can just be sprinkled on any type of dal to give it a tasty twist. Need to be checked as it doesn't work with the North Indian way of making Dal, largely a product for Bengal. You cannot create a Punjabi Dal Tadka with this Tadka masala.

Quick Nutrition Facts

Parameters Nutritional Info. per 100 g Approx.
Carbohydrate 70.58 g
Calcium 542.0 mg
Cholesterol < 1 mg
Crude Fibre 16.76 g
Energy 298.57 Kcal
Fat 6.18 g